Explore Kep, the Kep way...

Service to professionals

Study Tours for schools, making mood blocks for houses, incentive packages, outdoor event... Enter

Team Building Packages

Let us take care of all arrangements for the entire event! You give us some input of your corporate needs and we will create an unforgettable experience for your staff. We plan and organize all the logistics (transport, accommodation, food, excursions) and look after an entertainment program and collective experience... enter

Outdoor Events Organisation

Your organization or company wants to hold an attractive outdoor event with staff, clients or visitors to promote your company, launch a product, reach out for fund raising purposes, or a sportive gathering.

1 to 5 day Excursions

World class Eco-excursions, including, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, road cycling and caving. enter

Holiday Packages

Exotic holidays, laid back tours, fine dining, camping, organized caravan holidays and classical vacations. enter

Special Experiences

Custom made packages; photography, Ethnology, History... Cycling, Caving, Canoeing...choose your adventure! enter

Visit & support

The Center is the perfect hideaway from mass tourism routes and a place where your visit can make a difference...  >Enter

Picnic spot

Jungle adventure
Enjoy zip-line in the center of the forest of Kep, sleep in a movable tent and relax at the scenic jungle between 3 valleys. Enter

Map of Kep & Kampot

Prepare your journey! Save & print a high resolution map of Kep and the surroundings!  Enter